Thursday, 13 February 2014

Recent Art - Old Spice Vahe

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And now a comical spoof off an Old Spice deodorant commercial starring the incredible Vahe.

Old Spice Vahe
Hannah W.
 (If the print is too small, click on the picture to bring it to a larger screen.)

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Jill Stengl said...

Wow--that made me laugh! :-D Why doesn't my man have a flaming unicorn? *must rush out and buy Old Spice Glamour today*

Anonymous said...

Old Spice Glamour ... must ...- must buy Old Spice Glamour!!!!

Hannah said...

Yes, it is in demand.

Sarah said...

I love this. *goes to look for Old Spice Glamour*

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, I love this. His expressions are perfect, and the 'Hyah!' at the end... you, madam, are a genius.

Hannah said...

Ah, if I could claim this genius for my own. Alas, it is my brother who is the king of parodies. I just revised and drew what he said. It's been our partnership for many a comic. :)

Christa McKane said...

I think this is one of the best Old Spice parodies I've ever seen!

Hope Dougherty said...

Wow, when I saw this it made me laugh! Pretty clever and funny!