Friday, 24 October 2014

Recent Art--Illustrations by Hannah Rogers

Any new art that you send in will be displayed here for all to see, while being chronicled in its proper place in the Library. Please enter the individual book rooms to see all the art archived. Each room will be continually updated as new art is sent in and old art is rediscovered and added.

Please use the Follow by Email you see to your right to be notified of all new art. Thank you!

And now, enjoy the art of the lovely Hannah Rogers! 



The Brothers Ashiun

Leta and Ce Imral

  Have fan art to submit?

We would love to see your works of art, whether they be drawings, paintings, photographs, stitching, pottery, digital art, or music! If we left something out of this list--surprise us! Send an email to, and we'll add your creation to the website as fast as we can!


Jill Stengl said...

Wow, these are lovely, Hannah. Such rich color, bright contrast, and classic-fantasy aura! Each one is beautiful.

Sarah said...

Lovely work as always. :) Una is my favorite.

Hannah said...

Oh, Sarah! This isn't me! This is Hannah ROGERS. She's a new Imp and a friend of mine!

Natasha Roxby said...

I'm with Anne Elisabeth! Leta and Ce Imral is definetely my favorite! Ce is so beautiful....

Sarah Bailey said...

Love the style!