Friday, 1 April 2016

Fan Art Contest 2016: The Second Gallery

Continued from Gallery 1

Romantic Sunset
Victoria Regitz
Acrylic Paints

Rulers of the Little Folk 
Merenwen Inglorion 
Digital art (doll maker)

With the Strength of Five Men
Hannah Rogers
Goddess Tithe

The Many Faces of Etanun 
Hannah Williams 
Color Pencil/Pen and Ink 

Fallen Child of the Moon 
Water-soluble coloured pencils

Sarah J. Kuther
Untouched Photography

Victoria Regitz

The Dragon
Courtney Dusenbury
Digital Imaging

King Vahe
Hannah Rogers

Varvare's Reflection
Catherine Regitz
Digital Art

The Bridge to Arpiar
Catherine Regitz
Coloured Pencils

Little Wolf Pup
Artist: Beka
Pencils/Coloured Pencils
Draven's Light

The Devil in the Hold
Coloured Pencils

Goddess Tithe

Heartless Collage 
Sarah Taleweaver 

Catherine Regitz
Pencil and Coloured Pencils

Hannah Rogers

Sarah J. Kuther
Untouched Photography

Caityln G.  
Faber Castell Graphite Pencils

The High Promontory
Artist: Beka
Coloured Pencils
Draven's Light

Bard Eanrin
Christa Wilson
Pencil Drawing

Point of Fate 
Hannah Williams 
Colored Pencil on black paper 

Two Paths 
Rebekah K. Lawrence 
Pencil and colored pencil 
Shadow Hand

Braving a Brushing
Hannah Rogers

Etalpalli, The City of Wings
Jessica M.
Water Colour Paint and Pencil Crayons

The Librarian

Longing for Summertime 
Hannah LaTray 
Color Pencil/Pen and Ink 

A Tale of Cowardice and Courage
Hannah Rogers
Draven's Light

The Wood Between
Josiah McDermott

Eanrin's Dream
Naomi B.
Pencil Sketch

Sierra Bombardier

The Girl
Artist: Beka
Draven's Light

Alistair and the Chronicler
Hannah Rogers
Coloured Pencil

Queen of Etalpalli
Mary Kuther
Pencil Drawing

What It Meant
Coloured Pencils
Draven's Light

Given a Heart
Natasha Hannu
Pencil Drawing/Digital Painting

Aethelbald and Una's Wedding
Natasha Hannu
Pencil Drawing

Rose Red (Varvare)
Sarah J. Kuther
Untouched Photography
Veiled Rose and Moonblood

Hannah Rogers

Smallman's Mother
Dara Esther
Coloured Pencil

No Longer a Coward
Hannah Rogers
Draven's Light

Coming Through the Roses: The Tale of Rose Red
Art by Hannah Williams
Music and Lyrics by Allison
Veiled Rose and Moonblood 


Anonymous said...

You artists' are amazing! Gorgeous work overflowing with love for Goldstone Wood!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful art.

These are the ones I thought were really good:

1. Lady Life-in-Death Collage by Sarah Taleweaver-very creative

2. I Would Give My Life for You by Hannah Rogers- Very detailed.

3. Goldstone Wood by Beth- So much ornate detail

4. In the Haven by Hannah Rogers- again the detail and beauty of the individual characters are amazing.

5. What Have You Done? by Hannah Rogers- Can I just say that you are a talented artist?

6. Rulers of the Little Folk by Merenwen Inglorion- Beautiful digital artwork!

7.With the Strength of Five Men by Hannah Rogers- Love the Old-World style!

8.Sairu by Sarah J. Kuther- Beautiful photography

9. King Vahe by Hannah Rogers- The detail on his face and the expression is amazing.

10.Varvare's Reflection by Catherine Regitz- Amazing job!

11. Ragniprava by Hannah Rogers- I love the way you draw the expressions on people's face.

12. Bard Eanrin by Christa Wilson- I love the roguish expression on his face. I think you captured him perfectly.

13. Point of Fate by Hannah Williams- So creative! I love the play of darkness and light in your drawing.

14. Longing for Summertime by Hannah LaTray- So cute! Your picture has such depth and feeling!

15. The Wood Between by Josiah McDermott- What did you use to make this? I love the vibrant colors!

16. Alistair and the Chronicler by Hannah Rogers- I love how old fashioned this drawing is.

I loved each everyone one of these. You all are so talented and I wish I could draw like you all. Well done everyone!

Sarah said...

Oh stars. These are all so amazing; I'm going to have a terribly difficult time deciding which to vote for!

Meredith said...

Congratulations to all the artists for expressing your profound love for such an incredible series. I cannot see these pictures with my eyes, but I love the titles and know that every single one is absolutely amazing! When is the final day for voting? Best wishes to you all, and please continue to pursue your art, for it is a God-given gift. Never lose sight of that.

A special thanks to Hannah and all those who oversee the library for getting this contest together. I'm so thrilled that there was an art contest this year.

God bless.

Blue said...

I've been counting the days, and now the entries are finally up! So lovely! My one complaint: too few!
I'll come back again, when I have more time, and comment for each picture. But for now I'll say: well done, everyone!

Jemma Tainsh said...

Awesome work! It's going to be hard to pick my favourites!

Blue said...

(part 1)
Victoria- I like the blend of the sunset's colours. Nice silhouettes too!
Merenwen- Wonderful design for the characters, but I also like the background!
Hannah (Rogers)- It's amazing, the amount of work I can tell you put into this, with all the lighting and shading.
Hannah (Williams)- This is just perfect, each depiction!
Michaela- The star is done well, but the way you did the mane and tail is incredible!
Sarah- Nice! The lighting has a certain epic feel to it.
Victoria- I think it's the hand that really stands out in this picture. Hands are notoriously hard to do, but you handled this one really well!
Courtney- Perfectly creepy! I like the grim colours also.
Hannah- I like the shading. That's some pretty incredible detail!
Catherine- You chose some good colours, very fitting for this scene! That's a nice style, too. said...

WOW! Everyone sent in such amaaazing work! Great job!

Blue said...

(part 2)
Catherine- Wow, you packed a lot of colour, detailed design, and symbolism into this one picture!
Beka- That expression, used to having it rough but never willing to give up.
Tryg- This one makes me laugh! No, Leo! Don't eat so much cheese!
Sarah- These are fantastic, just fantastic! You have a knack for picking the best quotes and pictures to go together.
Catherine- That flower is lovely, with such delicate detail. The reflection is a nice addition!
Hannah- So much work put into this one! You even have designs on his turban. You can tell that he is not someone to be messed with!
Sarah- Great costume, very fey, and Ytotia looks so melancholy.
Caityn- My word, the powerful contrast in this one! I love the subtle beams of light coming from the Prince of Fartheshore, wonderfully depicted as a silhouette of light.
Beka- Aw, her hesitant expression. And wow, you took the time to give attention to individual blades of grass!
Christa- This is amazing, not just because of the fine pencil work! You've certainly captured the bard's character!

Anonymous said...

All these pictures are amazing! I dint know how I'm ever going to pick just three!!

Blue said...

(Part 3)
Hannah- The lighting of this piece, the intensity and precision! This picture is full of power!
Rebekah- Nice job with the parallels; the living vines on one side, the dead brambles on the other, etc! I notice that Daylily's dress is snagged on both sides.
Hannah- Una's face makes me smile each time, and once again I'm amazed at the detail you've put in the background!
Jessica- The first thing I notice about this piece is the vibrant colour; the second thing is the way your intricately built each tower!
Allison- I love how with just a few words one can tell who penned this and who her primary source is!
Hannah (LaTray)- Your style is delightful! The gentle colouring, the simplistic drawing conveying so much...It's lovely!
Hannah (Rogers)- Great combination of characters: the wise immortal faerie, the wise mortal grandmother, and the uncertain little girl.
Josiah- Whoa, I can see each leaf and bloom! I also like the addition of the white stag and Eanrin.
Naomi- I like how everything is misty and dreamlike, but then their faces are clear.
Sierra- you do an excellent job with trees and silhouettes! You have the perfect amount of detail and lighting.

Blue said...

(Part 4)
Beka- Aw, she looks so timid.
Hannah- well done with showing Alistair`s exhaustion and the Chronicler`s faint disapproval.
Mary- Wow, that`s a lot of work to draw each detailed feather!
Beka- Aww. Draven`s light is one of the sadder stories, but I like how you chose to draw a happy scene.
Natasha- Nice gentle texture and colours. I love how you have the sun only just peeking into view, with the ray of light leading towards Una.
Natasha- I like the happy expressions on their faces, and the way he`s resting a hand on her cheek.
Sarah- Nice job with the bold colours against a faded background. I think I see her holding a rose, which is a nice touch.
Hannah- Felix is one of my favourite characters, I`m glad you chose to draw him!
Dara- Although she was only mentioned a few times, Lady Pero was such an interesting person. It`s good to see her getting some attention.
Hannah (Rogers)- I love how did you the candle; the brilliant light, the melting wax, and it looks something like a sword!
Hannah (Williams) and Allison- Lovely work with both the pictures and the music. Great work overall!

Rebekah K. Lawrence said...

@Victoria Regitz: The color is amazing! I love how the sunset looks like a rainbow. And those silhouettes look great!

@Merenwen: Woow, that looks so impressive. Love the detail and color and how Bebo's hands are glowing! The detailed background is awesome! And Iubdan is very Iubdan, methinks! :)

@Hannah Rogers: I love Sunan. Great depiction of him at the wheel. The wind and lightning... awesome. Sunan looks epic. And he's just staring bravely out at the storm. So awesome!

@Hannah Williams: Haven't read Draven's Light, but I can totally see a little girl thinking Etanun is big, and awesome and maybe a little scary. And then, yeah, Ytotia thinks he's an epic and handsome hero. The dragon thinks he's dirty and bloodstained and chained. And then the one of him as an old man is just HILARIOUS when put next to the others. XD Love that. And Akilun sees him as a little intrepid boy. (That one makes me think of Peter Pan, by the way.) And the Prince sees a child who looks like he wants to be picked up and held. This is just. . . yes. I love it. :)

@Michaela: Wonderful depiction of a fallen child of the moon. Scary, but still beautiful in a way. And is that falling fire? Love how long the horn is. Very scary. The unicorn is so realistic--love it!

@Sarah J. Kuther: That is so Sairu in assasin mode! Love the costume! The knives are epic too!

@Victoria Regitz: Love this drawing of Daylily! I love how you made her eyes big, just like they are in the book! Her little necklace and earring are cool. And that hand is so realistic! Great job. :)

@Courtney Dusenbury: Yikes! Uh, this is so scary I don't want to look at it very long. o.o But the Dragon is supposed to be to scary to look at, so you totally captured his creepyness. *shivers* It's very well put together, and I can't even tell whether it was more then one picture once, because it's seamless!

@Hannah Rogers: This. It's SO Vahe. Vahe's evil beautiful face that is. Really gorgeous drawing! It also makes me think of a cetain Elven King. . . which is cool, because Vahe and movie-Thranduil really remind me of each other.

@Catherine Regitz: The traces of red in Varvare's hair are awesome. I love how this looks like a painting. And that brownish red color in the background adds a slightly scary touch, which I think goes with the fact that that part is scary and kind of not real.

@Catherine Regitz: I love the detail here. There is so much packed into this drawing! It looks like the illumination of some old medieval text. The patterns and tiny details that are hard to notice unless I zoom in, are just so lovely! And then of course there's Eanrin, and the old bridge. Beautiful!

@Beka: She looks so sleepy and kind of angry and maybe a little sad... Love the color of her hair! She remind me of Una, though that's probably only because I haven't read this one.

@Tryg: Okay, I LOVE the fact that all the boxes are labeled and say Beauclair Blue Crust! That is awesome! And there's Lionheart eating some and I like the face he's making! So COOL!

Rebekah K. Lawrence said...

@Sarah Taleweaver: Yet another lovely collage! The woods, the bridge, the scary dragon eye... And there's the picture from the cover! Now is the guy up in the corner Gerhvis, or Leonard? Love the thrush pic and the quotes you picked!

@Catherine Regitz: Lovely drawing of Starflower! I love the starflower! It's so pretty!

@Hannah Rogers: Ragniprava! :O That is SUCH a professional portrait! So impressive. Love the mustache. I think that's the first time anyone has drawn Ragniprava when he's not in his tiger shape.

@Sarah J. Kuther: That's so pretty! LOVE the dress. And the wings and crown! Very much Ytotia the young queen of Etalpali. Y'all are such a cool family to dress up as Goldstone Wood characters. :)

@Caitlyn G. Faber: That is a very interesting scene to depict. It's all shadowy and dark, like Lionheart's mind at the time. And the only light is from the Prince--I like that. It's all shadows, and light, and silhouettes. Very cool!

@Beka: Did you like illistrate all of Draven's Light? Your drawings are making me want to read it so much! Love this picture. And just LOOK at those blades of grass! Wow. That waterskin looks super cool, and her hair is very realistic. Love the birds up there.

@Christa Wilson: This is so Eanrin. Absolutely love the hat. And that smirk is perfect for him! The clothes is fantastic and the face he's making is so very much Eanrin.

@Hannah Williams: That unicorn is BEAUTIFUL. The dragon is so scary! LOVE the moon!! And that's poor Rose Red, right? The dragon shadow on the ground is just EPIC and scary. I love how the moon and unicorn look like they're glowing. ...Wait. I thought of the wrong scene didn't I? THAT"S DAIRMID AND THAT'S IMRALDERA. O_O AHHHH!!!!!!!! I knew the trees didn't go with the climax scene! Okay, now I see this in a totally new light. And you know what, the dragon doesn't look quite so scary now that I know it's Dairmid. Funny how that works. And now the unicorn looks scary too. Sorry for thinking of the wrong part, silly me. :P Lots of other things don't add up for the end thing either, and of course now I can't imagine thinking it's anything but Dairmid and Imraldera.

@Hannah Rogers: That's just awesome. And so much detail! Even the RUG has detail! The face Una's making is priceless. XD So funny. And there's Nures just being calm and surious. :P Love all the little things on the desk, and the curtain and little sunbeam and pitcher. And as someone who has long hair, I know it really does sometimes take some bravery when it's brushing time, so I like the title. ;)

@Jessica M.: Oh wow, that color is gorgeous! This is so beautiful! I love her wings, and there's so much in the city back there! All the towers and vines. . . it's beautiful! :) And her crown is awesome! Love the detail of the leaves too! This is awesome! And the arched window is so cool! Love this so much! Awesome job! :)

@Allison: Love that bit of Golden Daughter. ^_^ The handwriting is very cool--all flowy! Love the ink framing it! :D Epicness!

@Hannah LaTray: This is so CUTE! Una and Monster! Love the view out the window, and her desk is really cool! And the colors are awesome. Epic curtain by the way! Monster is so cute! ^_^ Lovely drawing! :)

@Hannah Rogers: I feel like this has a quite little happiness to it, but I haven't read Draven's Light so I don't know what's going on here. The old lady looks nice. And the little girl just makes me think "Aww. :)". And I'm getting the idea that that's Akilun? He looks kind and very cool.

Rebekah K. Lawrence said...

@Josiah: That's awesome! So many trees, and there's the river, and the Path, and Eanrin up in a tree! I love the flowers and all the detail of the leaves. And that stag is awesome! I really like the stars lining the Path, so cool!

@Naomi B.: I think we Imps want this almost as much as Eanrin... Love this sketch. Quietly beautiful. :)

@Sierra Bombardier: This is so cool. There's Daylily, and Lioness and Nidawi, and Sun Eagle, and the sylphs. . . Love how you did the sylphs! And the silhouettes are awesome!

@Beka: Such a nice sketch! :) I really like it. :)

@Hannah Rogers: ALISTAIR AND THE CHRONICLER! Those candles are so cool! Alistair looks so Alistair. Love the library back there!

@Mary Kuther: Love this drawing of Ytotoia! Her wings are very cool! I love how you did all the feathers! And I like her sceptre. :) Very cool!

@Beka: Once again I love the grass and the hair! And once again I'm missing out because I don't know what's going on!

@Natasha Hannu: That is so much like how I imagined that part. The beach, the sea, the dress, the way she's getting up... I love this! It's so pretty too! And the sun is rising. :) Or setting... Anyway it's pretty. That blue of the sea is really pretty too.

@Natasha Hannu: Aww. :) I love this. They look so nice and so do their clothes.

@Sarah J. Kuther: Rose Red! I love the cape, it's super cool. The woods back there really add to it nicely.

@Hannah Rogers: FELIX! Very Felix! Your face drawings are so well done!

@Dara Esther: That's so sad. But it's such a nice drawing. And there's the letter she wrote for him!

@Hannah Rogers: Now that is epic. I love his expression. And that candle is wow! And it looks like a sword hilt! That's awesome!

@Hannah Williams and Allison: That was my favorite song from the music contest! The pictures were amazing! And they went perfectly with the song! So beautiful! It's Rose Red's whole story!


Anonymous said...

Beth, your drawing is absolutely phenomenal! How you did it is a wonder!
Hannah (Williams), "That Secret Smile" and "Point of Fate" - they're so awesome!
Hannah (Rogers) - I love Ragniprava! The detail is fabulous!
Josiah, I love it! The picture is so appealing! The Path, Eanrin...thumbs up, this is great!
T. Gemmel, this is fantastic! Sairu looks great, and so does Eanrin. I love this style of drawing. You nailed it!
Elizabeth F., great job! Simple but perfectly exquisite! ;)
Christa, Eanrin is awesome! The details are well thought out. That smug look on his face is just right! Great job!
I mentioned only seven, but I could go on and on! This gallery is filled with talent. Everyone did awesome!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

I'm FINALLY back to leave some more comments on these wonderful pieces!

@Victoria -- This is such a beautiful depiction of this beautiful moment. I feel a sense, not only of an adventure completed, but also of a new adventure to come. Lovely, vivid colors, and I love the contrasting silhouettes!

@Merenwen Inglorion -- I went through a stage of addiction to dolldivine, but I don't think they had this option when I was making them! All of these costumes and scenes are gorgeous, and I adore how perfectly you captured these two characters. Bebo's crown is particularly wonderful, though not QUITE as wonderful as her glorious hair.

@Hannah Rogers -- The energy! The drama! The flowing hair and the courageous expression! This was one of my favorite scenes EVER to write, and I just love how you have captured it and captured the heroism of Sunan. Wow, this makes me miss this character . . . I need to write more of his story soon!

@Hannah Williams -- This is both comical and darling, not to mention beautiful! I enjoy seeing your love for this character explored through the many various perspectives of the characters. And my favorite is how the little girl sees him . . . heeeheee! :)

@Michaela -- Gorgeous! You have captured both the wild beauty and the terror of this unicorn! I love your energetic pencil strokes and all the beautiful details in the fur. A wonderful, eye-catching piece.

@Sarah J. Kuther -- You have absolutely captured Sairu's underlying ferocity! Not to mention I adore this costume, particularly her two knives and the wide, flowing sleeves. Fantastic pose!

@Victoria Regitz -- I love the expression you have captured in Daylily's face! She's beautiful, but she also looks strangely conflicted, even haunted. Beautiful work on her hair, and I love the jewelry details!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Courtney Dusenbury -- Creepy! And perfect! This is seriously the most perfect depiction of this character, and it's TERRIFYING that you created it using photographs! Your digital imaging is always stunning, with beautiful textures and lighting emphasizing the drama of the compositions. And this is one of the best yet!

@Hannah Rogers -- I just adore how . . . serene you've made him. How frighteningly kind and composed. The LOOK of him contrasted with the actual PERSONALITY of him is just . . . chilling! I can feel the enchanting veils he's wearing, I can feel the deceit! And, as always, I amazed by the details in his clothes. Gorgeous work. You must have superhuman patience!

@Catherine Regitz -- Another beautiful digital painting. Something about this style feels so 20th century and cool . . . and I love the contrast of that style with the old-world piece. The end result is stunning, even without knowledge of the scene itself. And the scene you have depicted beautifully! I love the expression in her face and in the movement of her hand. Her dress is beautiful, very much what I described. And the details in her hair are lovely. You have quite the talent!

@Catherine Regitz -- Okay, this I want in black and white so that I can color it in too!!! It's just so fun and whimsical, and you've filled it with such light and such life! And, of course, you have to love Eanrin, who likes to crop up in scenes like this. Everything about this piece and the composition makes me smile.

@Beka -- Intense! I definitely get the sense of a "Wolf Pup" here, of a young lady who will not back down! Great work in her hair and the deep shadows around her eyes.

@Tryg -- Ahhhh!!!! This just makes me so happy!!!! I love this scene, love the expression on his face as he's caught in the act! My husband and I both got a huge kick out of this piece and came back to it several times!

@Sarah Taleweaver -- I love all of your collages, but this might be my favorite one. That dragon eye is SO cool! I love the casting for the characters, and love that you found the picture of Una from the book cover, in a slightly different scene. Very fun.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Catherine Regitz -- You just keep coming back with these wonderful pieces! I love this one, love the perspective you chose for illustrating this scene. So creative and beautiful, particularly all the cool colors used. Wonderful illustration of the starflower as well!

@Hannah Rogers -- Another piece that just MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I am delighted to see Ragniprava depicted in his HUMAN shape for--I believe--the first time ever! He is very handsome in a very tiger-ish way. Love the compelling stare! He may have only featured in one book so far, but he is definitely one of my favorites. :)

@Sarah J. Kuther -- I am delighted to get an up-close image of Ytotia's costume! Wonderful work creating this look, particularly her feathered wings. Great expression on the part of your lovely model as well!

@Caitlyn G. Faber - This is such an eerie piece, so ghostly. I love the use of various lights and shadows to create this overall haunting effect. And the thoughts inserted are chilling! Wonderfully done.

@Beka -- This is probably my favorite piece of yours ever! I cannot get over all the detail in the background, and her face and expression are just perfect. Though the Itala and Hyrdus piece MIGHT still beat this one out as my favorite of yours, this is definitely right up there. Truly lovely!

@Christa -- Okay, you know I'm going to love this! I am so delighted to see you turning your incomparable portrait skills to the bard! Wonderful expression, wonderful costume. Your control of the medium is so impressive as well. This is a fantastic depiction of this character, immediately recognizable!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

@Hannah Williams -- Once more you leave me in awe over your control of perspective! This is such a dramatic piece, and the angle at which you show it just heightens all of the drama. The lighting and shadows are so gorgeous, particularly that stark shadow cast by Diarmid in his dragon form. You seriously have the eye of an illustrator, able to imagine these scenes from the most wonderful angles. As always, my heart just stops when I see one of your pieces!

@Rebekah K. Lawrence -- What a wonderful depiction of this character! A portrait, but more than a portrait as well. I love all the contrasts at work here--light against dark, blooming leaves against thorns, the bronze against the light of the wood thrush. And I love that you have left the wolf itself ambiguous--neither evil nor good, but simply part of who she is. Really wonderfully thought out!

@Hannah Rogers -- Once I got over being absolutely in awe of ALL THE INCREDIBLE DETAILS, this piece made me laugh! I love her expression so, so, so much! Again, how DO you have the patience to render so much detail in such a complicated piece? Love all of the design work done on their clothing. But it's definitely Una's expression that steals the spotlight here.

@Jessica M. -- This might be my favorite interpretation of Ytotia and Etalpalli EVER! You have beautifully captured everything I described. I love the slightly Aztec look of her headdress--perfect, considering the names of all the people and places! The colors are stunning, and I am amazed by all the details f the towers and vines. So well done!

@Allison -- A fun little piece, highlighting a funny portion of Imraldera's work! I recognized the quote, but it took me a bit to remember what book it was from. Great job using such an obscure passage to create fun art!

@Hannah LaTray -- Oh, my goodness. I don't think I can possibly say enough good things about this piece. I love it SO MUCH. Everything about it is so beautiful and so smile-inducing. Una's expression is PERFECT. And dear Monster, trying to comfort her through the woes of school on a pretty day! Loving the details of the desk, the greenery outside, the drifting clouds. Seriously, I just keep coming back to this piece and smiling again and again!

@Hannah Rogers -- Absolutely wonderful. One of my favorites of all your many wonderful pieces. Great depiction of this scene, perfect depiction of each of these characters. I don't know how you keep pulling such beautiful images out of that imagination of yours! I particularly enjoy Akilun's face. He just LOOKS like himself!

I'll be back to rave about all of the rest of you and your genius later! :)


Michaela said...

Answer to: Rebekah K. Lawrence
Yes, that is falling fire in the backround and thank you for your comment! Everyone's comments are lovely and encouraging!

Rebekah K. Lawrence said...

Thanks Blue and Stengl! Like Meredith said, all our art is a God given gift so mine wasn't really me if you think about it. :)

@Michaela: You're welcome! I KNEW that was fire! So cool!

God bless you all! Keep using the beautiful gift He's blessed you with!

Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Oh, no! The winners have been announced, and I haven't yet finished commenting on all this amazing work! Sorry about that, dear artists.

@Josiah McDermott -- This is an incredible piece, full of complexity! I particularly love the starflowers and little Eanrin up in the trees. The roses are another great touch. And you're definitely captured the "endless" quality of the Wood itself!

@Naomi B. -- A beautiful, romantic piece. Got to have at least ONE of those! Your style is so well-suited to your subject--light, airy, ethereal. A wonderful image.

@Sierra Bombardier -- One of my absolute favorites. Everything about this piece is so beautifully done! Your composition is wonderful, making excellent use of foreground, middle ground, and background elements. Your color scheme is perfect, and all of the details are incredible, and yet never once overworked. A difficult medium, but you make it look easy!

@Beka -- I just love her eyes in this piece! So much expression, and I love how you emphasized them by making them just slightly darker than the rest of the image. Beautiful!

@Hannah Rogers -- Another favorite of your pieces. I don't think I will ever get over all of the detail you manage to pack into your images. I love seeing these two heroes depicted at the opening of their adventure . . . before they've even discovered the heroes they can be!

@Mary Kuther -- Beautiful details in those wings! A lovely depiction of Queen Ytotia before her fall from grace.

@Beka -- One of your most beautiful piece, both in subject and composition. I just love how you arranged this image, bringing such intense focus on their faces!

@Natasha Hannu -- Such a lovely piece! The colors here are gorgeous, and I love the drama of Una's pose. And her hair! Beautiful hair! The water looks truly wet, a difficult effect to create. Well done indeed.

@Natasha Hannu -- I love their faces in this image! Such a joyful moment, beautifully rendered. And I love how you set them in the Wood, which is such an important part of this and all the stories!

@Sarah J. Kuther -- One of my favorites of all these costumed pieces! Great costuming work, and your model did a great job capturing a very "Rose Red" expression!

@Hannah Rogers -- A PERFECT rendition of Felix! Handsome but still very much a boy. You can tell that he has all the makings of a hero in him, though . . .

@Dara Esther -- A sweet, sad, and very pretty piece. A wonderful moment to choose to illustrate. Really love the compelling expression on her face, her lovely eyes!

@Hannah Rogers -- Perfection. Seriously, perfection in a portrait. I love this so much, from the strong lighting, to his expression, to the whole layout . . . a stunning image that captures the heart of Draven and his story!

@Hannah Williams -- How do I even begin to express my utter awe at this piece???? I am so amazed, I cannot even tell you. Perfectly beautiful, perfectly laid out, perfectly animated to go with the song. This brought me to tears and made me feel again the love I had for this story when I was first writing it so many years ago. This is so stunning, and I have to keep coming back to it!

Again, WONDERFUL work, all of you artists! This contest was completely brilliant with some of the most beautiful submissions I have ever seen. You have all blessed my heart by taking the time to create such loving imagery for my little stories. I hope to give you MANY more adventures to hopefully continue inspiring you to create!